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Enhance your event with our top-tier LED screen on rent, with full setup services. Our team ensures seamless installation and operation, providing vibrant, high-definition visuals for any occasion. Trust us for reliable, hassle-free LED screen rental services.

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Specializing in high-quality LED screen on rent, G Productions caters to various events such as corporate gatherings, concerts, trade shows, sporting events, and more. Our range of LED Screen types includes Curved, Outdoor LED, and Indoor LED, setting the stage for a visually impressive presentation for your audience.

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Discover our diverse LED screen rental packages, meticulously designed to meet your unique event needs. We tailor every aspect to ensure a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

LED Screens on Rent
LED Screens on Rent
LED Screen on Rent
LED Screen on Rent
LED Screen on Rent

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Choose from various LED screen rental at G Productions. Whether you need indoor screens for conferences or outdoor displays for concerts, we provide versatile options to suit every event. Our screens are known for their high-definition visuals and robust performance, with the best specifications like P2, P3 and so on ensuring your content stands out with vibrant clarity.

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Curved LED

LED Screen rental services

Outdoor LED

LED Screen Rental Services

Indoor LED

And much more!

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Reviews of Our LED Screen Rental Services!

Our music festival benefitted greatly from the LED screen on rent provided by G Productions. The screens were top-notch and the setup was impeccable. The team’s professionalism was outstanding as they were responsive, detail-oriented, and went above and beyond to guarantee a smooth experience. Attendees were impressed by the visuals and we received many compliments.

– Raghav Nath

Renting an LED Wall from G Productions for our annual conference marked a new era for the event. The LED Wall provided a striking backdrop for our keynote presentations, offering an immersive experience for our attendees. Beyond simply enhancing the visual appeal of the event, it allowed us to deliver captivating and dynamic content to engage our audience. Thanks to G Productions, our event was a resounding success, and we received rave reviews from our guests. We’ll definitely be partnering with them again for future events.

– Rohan Prem

For several years now, we have relied on G Productions for LED screen rental needs, and they never fail to impress us. The screens they provide boast unmatched quality, with vibrant colors and sharp imagery that always stands out. What truly differentiates G Productions is their exceptional service. Their team is consistently professional, dependable, and a joy to collaborate with, from the initial inquiry to the on-site support during our events.

  Aiswarya. P

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LED Screen on Rent!

Never wait to take your event experience to new heights with our modern LED screen rent services. Delight your audience with vibrant visuals and immersive displays that leave a lasting impression. Transform any occasion into an unforgettable spectacle with our state-of-the-art LED technology.


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